Sunmed BEYOND Sativa Water Soluble 900mg


Brand: SunMed Product Code: Sunmed Sativa Water Soluble 900mg. Take one full dropper with your favorite beverage 1 or 2 x a day. Sativa helps ignite more, and indica helps with relaxation


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Sunmed Beyond Sativa Water Soluble

SUNMED’s BEYOND Sativa fuller spectrum water features a burst of Tangerine Dream in a plant-rich drink. This Sativa formulation is more closely associated with energizing terpene profiles and CBGsunmed beyond sativa water soluble 900mg tangerine dream cannabinoids.

With an added 400% more minor cannabinoids that are unheard of in a CBD Formula

900mg per jar.

Feel free to try our mixes where it is 1 of each. Sativa for the day and indica for the night in the drop-down multi-buy discount picks.

beyond 11 Sunmed CBD Products Awarded #1 Quality CBD Store Worldwide

beyond 9 Sunmed CBD Products Awarded #1 Quality CBD Store Worldwide

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Indica, Sativa or 2 Bottle Mixes

Indica, Sativa, 2 Bottle Mix

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Buy 1 No Savings, Buy 2 Save $10, Buy 3 Save $15, Buy 4 Save $25, Buy 1 Mix Save $15 = 2 Bottles Total, Buy 2 Mix Save $30 = 4 Bottles total, Buy 3 Mix Save $65 = 6 Bottles total


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