Sunmed BEYOND Indica Water Soluble 900mg


Brand: Sunmed Indica Water Soluble 900mg/60ml bottle – take 1-2 x a day a full dropper with your favorite beverages. Being indica for relaxing better after work and before bed. Be sure to try our Mix 1 Indica and 1 Sativa for best all around and through the day and night effect.


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Sunmed Beyond Indica Water Soluble

SUNMED BEYOND Indica Water Soluble features a burst of Strawberry Lemonade in a plant-rich beverage. This Indica formulation is more closely associated with soothing terpene profiles and relaxingsunmed beyond indica water soluble 900mg strawberry lemonade minor cannabinoids.

With an added 400% more minor cannabinoids that are unheard of in a CBD Formula

900mg per 60ml Jar

Our Multibuy Discount pricing you can use when placing your order will show you different buying options to save, along with Mixes and savings for getting both.

beyond 11 Sunmed CBD Products Awarded #1 Quality CBD Store Worldwide

beyond 9 Sunmed CBD Products Awarded #1 Quality CBD Store Worldwide

Tags: SUNMED’s BEYOND Indicafuller spectrum gummiesblue raspberryplant-rich snack. Indica formulationsoothing terpenesrelaxingminor cannabinoids

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Indica, Sativa or 2 Bottle Mixes

Indica, Sativa, 2 Bottle Mix

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