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Sunmed Beyond CBD Gummies

Sunmed Beyond CBD Gummies –  Sativa Gummies

Encounter a brand-new industry of hemp if you like our ABOVE line. Introducing an innovative brand-new product line.
BEYOND by SUNMED. Our Beyond line is laid out utilizing extraction using 400 percent more minor
cannabinoids than our standard Full-Spectrum system.

Compared to any additional supplements in the marketplace,
Sunmed BEYOND features CBG, CBC, THC-V, CBN, and many other valuable mixtures to develop a cutting-edge “more proportionate fuller” spectrum.

BEYOND’s Sativa formula is jam-packed with energetic, excellent uplifting terpenes filled using CBG extract to generate a different practical experience. SUNMED’s BEYOND Sativa fuller spectrum solution gummy named watermelon heaven crams 25 milligrams of CBD and
certainly lives up to its proper name.

Alongside these watermelon gummies, our Sativa formula is likewise and readily available with a quick-acting rich, tangerine water soluble

Quantity Thirty (30) Count for each Jar
Strength: 25mg CBD for each gummy / 750mg of Sheer CBD per Jar
Dosage: One Gummy
Do not surpass four pieces within 24 hours


sunmed beyond cbd gummies sunmed beyond sativa gummy


SUNMED’s BEYOND Indicafuller spectrum gummiesblue raspberryplant-rich snack. Indica formulationsoothing terpenesrelaxingminor cannabinoids

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Sativa Uplifting or Indica Relaxing

Sativa Watermelon Heaven, Indica Blue Raspberry, Discount Buy Split Flavors

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